About doc's cellar

doc's story

Doc Wideman (we knew him as “Grand Doc”) was born and raised in Chandler, TX.  There were nine children and the actual homeplace that the Wideman’s built in 1904 still stands on FM 2010 outside of Chandler.  We have a replica of a painting that he did of the old house in the winery along with some other paintings of his. There is also another painting of the old house in the Chandler Museum.


Grand Doc moved to Dallas (University Park) and ran “Doc Wideman Garage” from 1942 to 1982 across the street from Southern Methodist University in Snider Plaza.  He bought the Ponderosa in Chandler from his sister in 1966 and had it as a weekend retreat until he moved there permanently after retiring from the garage in 1982.  I still meet people today that remember the old garage; the building in University Park was named a Park Cities Landmark.  We found the original signs from the garage in the barn at the Ponderosa so we had them restored and added one in the winery.


My mother Joy was Grand Doc’s and my Grandmother Undine’s only child. She met my father Lewis in 1957 at Kilgore College where she was a Rangerette and he was beau for her sorority.  They married and lived in Dallas until my Dad was transferred to Iowa Park, TX. where my brother and I grew up and finished high school. My brother Van and I were the luckiest two kids to get to spend every holiday and summer vacation at the Ponderosa in Chandler.  We have great memories of hay rides, feeding the pet donkeys, riding our dirt bikes, fishing, and, of course, Grand Doc always had a fire going in the fire place to greet us when we would arrive during the winter. We have restored his favorite green chair for the winery where he spent many hours by that old fireplace.  You will also see his old bull whip displayed in the winery (the shadow box was given to us as a gift by a dear friend).  My brother and I knew that old bull whip well as Grand Doc would walk in with it rolled up on his hip when we were not finishing our vegetables at dinner, always with the greatest grin on his face as he gave that “you better finish up those veggies” sigh which seemed to work on us every time!


Grand Doc was also known for his 4 o’clock Jack Daniels time.  To keep with this tradition, we will have “Doc Hour” from 4pm to 5pm on the days we are open.


Grand Doc passed away in 1995 and left my brother and me the wonderful gift of the Ponderosa.  My husband Webster, Van and I began bringing it back to its glory days starting in about 2013.  It brings back great memories when we have Van, his wife Robyn and their children Ashley, Allison, and Autumn all there together.  We planted a test vineyard as we have been interested in making wine out of the kitchen since 2010.  This new adventure, doc’s cellar, has given us the gift to share our love of wine with others, keep our Grand Doc’s name alive in the town, and eventually share our own wine.  We also enjoy making Ponderosa “creations”, so visit our gift shop and check out the rustic home décor items, most of which have been made by my husband and me at the Ponderosa. We also create custom pieces so bring us your ideas!


We hope you enjoy your visit to doc’s cellar and find it a place where you can escape for a while, relax, catch your breath, visit with friends and family and enjoy some wonderful wines from the great state of Texas.  Thank you for being our guests.